These are just a few questions that people seem to ask a lot.  If you have any additional questions, concerns, comments drop me a line and I’ll answer what I can for you.


When is payment due?  Payment is due at the time of the session.  If you are doing a portrait session, you can pay a minimum of $125.00 and the remaining balance when your images are ready.  Full amount is due for all other sessions at the time of your event.

How do I pay?  We except cash, credit card and check.  We can also send you an invoice through your email but there will be a 2.5% fee included.

How long will it take to see my photos?  Depending on our current workload, it can take up to 3 weeks before your photos are ready for viewing.  6 to 8 weeks for weddings.

How will I receive my images?  Digital Images will be made available to download from your gallery with a provided password.  Any prints that are ordered will be shipped directly to you.  Digital Images that have already been purchased can be placed on a CD for a $10.00 fee.

What if the weather is crap?  Unfortunately we cannot control Mother Nature.  If weather plays a factor in your session, we try to reschedule for another date as soon as possible.

Do you “Photoshop” your images?  That is a loaded question!  We process every image that we make available.  By that I mean, we color correct, enhance, sharpen and make other adjustments that follow our style.  We also do basic blemish removal and tone enhancements.  For more enhanced work like removal of objects, people, fly away hair and such can be done for an additional fee.

Can you make me look skinny?  We can help pose you in different positions to enhance your good side!  

What kind of equipment do you have?  I pride myself in what I do and produce.  I use high end Nikon gear to include off camera lighting equipment.  If you would like to know exactly what I have in my camera bag, send me a message and I’ll be more then happy to share you my list.

Is there any way to get just a copy of all the images you shoot unedited?  No.  Again, I pride myself in my work and my style of photography.  All images that are shown and provided have been “touched” by me personally and reflect on me as a photographer.  I do not outsource any of my work to include weddings.

What should I wear? I can only give you simple tips for this question.  You know your own personal style better then me.  I will say this, simple works!  Anything loud with bright, crazy color or lots of designs and patterns can take away from you in your images.  Think about where your session will be held and take that into consideration too. If you know we are going to be somewhere with a lot of green background, don't wear green.   Pintrest is my go to place when I have questions like this.